Dishes to Try at Turkish restaurant in Jumeirah


    Just visiting a Turkish restaurant in Jumeirah is not a big deal, you should know what to try on preference. If it’s a short stay in Dubai, you cannot definitely eat all the cuisines. However, there can be a selection of top rated and most desirable options. let’s have a look at a few dishes you should try out.

    Baklava: A Sweet Symphony of Layers

    Begin your culinary voyage with a dessert that’s not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes – Baklava. Layers of thin, flaky pastry adorned with a generous helping of chopped nuts and sweetened with honey or syrup. Each bite is a delightful dance of textures, making Baklava a sweet indulgence that’s hard to resist.

    Doner Kebab: The Sultan of Street Food

    Next up is the iconic Doner Kebab, a Turkish street food sensation that has won hearts worldwide. Succulent slices of seasoned meat, typically lamb or chicken, are stacked on a vertical rotisserie. The result is a juicy, flavorful goodness that’s traditionally served in a flatbread wrap. Add a dash of yogurt sauce, and you have a handheld delight that captures the essence of Turkish street cuisine.

    Pilav: A Bed of Flavorful Rice

    It’s a staple in Turkish cuisine that elevates rice to a whole new level. Cooked to perfection with fragrant spices and often paired with vermicelli. Pilav serves as a delightful companion to many Turkish dishes. Its simplicity belies its ability to complement and enhance the flavors of the main course.

    Meze: A Symphony of Small Plates

    No Turkish dining experience is complete without indulging in Meze – an assortment of small dishes that showcase the diversity of Turkish flavors. From hummus and tzatziki to stuffed grape leaves and olives, Meze offers a delightful array of tastes that tickle your palate. It’s the perfect way to explore the rich tapestry of Turkish cuisine in bite-sized portions.

    Lahmacun: Turkish Pizza with a Twist

    For those craving a Turkish take on pizza, Lahmacun is a must-try. Often referred to as “Turkish pizza,” Lahmacun features a thin, crispy crust topped with a flavorful mixture of minced meat, vegetables, and spices. Roll it up, add a squeeze of lemon, and savor the unique blend of tastes that sets Lahmacun apart from its Italian cousin.

    Dolma: Grape Leaves Bursting with Flavor

    Dolma, meaning “stuffed” in Turkish, introduces us to a dish where grape leaves become vessels for a delectable filling. Usually, a mixture of rice, pine nuts, and aromatic herbs, Dolma offers a burst of flavors with every bite. The process of rolling and stuffing each leaf is a culinary art, creating a dish that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious.

    Wrap Up!

    A visit to a traditional Turkish steak restaurant Dubai is a gastronomic adventure waiting to happen. From the sweet symphony of Baklava to the savory delights of Doner Kebab, Pilav, Meze, Lahmacun, and Dolma, each dish tells a story of Turkey’s rich culinary heritage. So, grab a seat, bring your appetite, and get ready to savor the flavors of Turkey right here in Jumeirah. Your taste buds will thank you for this unforgettable journey into the heart of Turkish cuisine.